Data Set: Tidal Stream Assessments - NAACC (after 2018)

Survey Id: ts128   Crossing Code: xy4077315873744423  (approved)
AOP Coarse Screen: Moderate AOP   Tidal Stream Score: 0.6

Data checked and accurate by Scott Jackson on 06-30-2022

Tidal Aquatic Connectivity Crossing Data
Database Entry By: Scott Jackson
Entry Date: 06-30-2022
Coordinator: Scott Jackson
Crossing Code: xy4077315873744423
Local ID: No data
Date Observed: 06-07-2022
Start Time: 12:05
End Time: 12:45
Last Updated: 07-05-2022
Lead Observer: Terrence Benefield
Town/County: New York, NY
Stream/River: Gablers Creek
Road: Sand Hill Road
Type: 1 or 2 lane paved
GPS: Lat: 40.77287, Long: -73.74372
GPS to Crossing Distance (meters):   67.4
Location Description: By Udalls Park Sign on Road
Crossing Type: Culvert
Number of Culverts/Bridge Cells: 1
Tide Stage: Low ebb tide
Tide Prediction: 11:27
Tide Chart: TidesChart
Flow Condition: Typical low-flow
Stream Type: Freshwater tidal
Salinity: 0
Crossing Condition: OK
Visible Utilities: None
Alignment: Skewed (>45°)
Road Fill Height (feet) : 0.3
Road Flooded at High Tide: No
DownstreamChannelWidth: 6.8
DownstreamPoolWidth: 7.2
DownstreamTidalRange: 0.3
UpstreamChannelWidth: 4.6
UpstreamPoolWidth: 5.0
UpstreamTidalRange: 0.2
Vegetation Above/Below: Comparable
Crossing Comments: No data

Evaluation of this stream crossing is estimated as: MINOR BARRIER

Tidal Aquatic Connectivity Structure Data
Total Number of Culverts: 1
This is culvert number 1 for this crossing:

Tide Gate Type: No Tide Gate
Tide Gate Barrier Severity: No tide gate
Outlet Materials: Concrete
Outlet Openness Ratio: 0.125
Outlet Shape: Round Culvert
Outlet dimensions (feet): A = 4.0; B = 3.5; C= 4.0; D = 1.70 ; E= No data
Outlet High Tide Water Depth: 2.0
Outlet Spring Tide Water Depth: 2.2
Outlet Perch Low Tide: 0.0
Outlet Perch High Tide: 0.0
Outlet Armoring: Extensive

Inlet Openness Ratio: 0.129
Inlet Type: Headwall
Inlet Materials: Concrete
Inlet Shape: Round Culvert
Inlet dimensions (feet): A = 4.1; B = 3.3; C = 4.1; D = 1.50 ; E= No data
Inlet High Tide Water Depth: 1.7
Inlet Spring Tide Water Depth: 1.8
Inlet Perch Low Tide: 0.0
Inlet Perch High Tide: 0.0
Inlet Armoring: Extensive

Structure Length: L = 47.0 Feet

Relative Water Depth: >= 1.0
Structure Substrate Type: Gravel
Structure Substrate Matches Stream: Comparable
Substrate Coverage: 100%
Substrate Slope (relative to channel): Comparable
Other Barrier Type: None
Other Barrier Severity: None
Dry Passage for Terrestrial Wildlife: No
Height Above Dry Passage: No data
Structure Notes/Comments: No data

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